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What Are Veeners?

Veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are attached to your existing teeth to meet a variety of cosmetic goals. Your dentist can match them to your natural or desired tooth color for a uniform, authentic appearance. Porcelain veneers are also highly stain-resistant and may actually strengthen your natural teeth.

How Does It Work?

There are many reasons you and your dentist or cosmetic dentist may choose porcelain veneers, but if you have any of the following dental problems, you may find them especially helpful:

         ✓   Dull or stained teeth
         ✓   Crowded or crooked teeth
         ✓   A gap between your front teeth
         ✓   Teeth that are misshapen
         ✓   Chipped or broken teeth

Rather than spending years with dental braces and multiple appointments for dental bonding, teeth whitening and other cosmetic procedures, your dentist can completely transform your smile with teeth veneers in only two dental visits.

Want To Learn More?

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